Duo Maggiore

Pluck the strings to resonate the melody of life and with it the echoes of memory.

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  • Restaurant Ambience

    Duo Maggiore helps create a moment of pleasure while your guest are enjoying their foods...

  • Church

    During the Church Ceremony, Duo Maggiore will create a Magnificent and High Quality sound to...

  • Your Wedding/Event

    Duo Maggiore is not only backgroud music for your wedding, it is also part of...

  • When Guest Arrive/Cocktail

    During the time in which the guest arrive at your event, Duo Maggiore will be...

Duo Maggiore offers music for any occasion: from wedding/ceremonial music to jazz and pop standards for light entertainment.  We are available to play in any size venue, event, or occasion. Add that finishing touch of warm ambience with livemusic from Duo Maggiore to make your special moment truly memorable.